Survival Stories

Man Standing in The Middle of Nowhere

The wilderness is harsh and merciless but that did not stop these brave souls from going out for an adventure. Some were stranded and hungry while others were wounded but they all had something in common: they didn’t give up and continued fighting for their lives.

Here are some survival stories that will surprise you, entertain you but most of all will inspire you:

Aron Ralston

You probably already know about Aron’s remarkable survival story if you have watched the movie 127 Hours. Yes, this is the same lad who was climbing the Blue John Canyon in Utah alone.

Picture of Aron Ralston

While climbing down a narrow slot in the Canyon, a gigantic boulder dislodged and trapped Ralston’s forearm, crushing Ralston against the wall. With little food and water, Ralston was stuck for 3 days until he decided to self-amputate his arm to set himself free.

He nearly gave up after 2 days of trying several methods. On the 6th day, he discovered he could amputate his arm much easily if he could break his ulna and radius. Up to this point, Ralston overcame numerous challenges and was forced to drink his own urine.

Araon Ralston lives today and still goes on outdoor expeditions and climbing adventures. He is an inspiration to everybody and gives speeches about his experience across the country. The movie is a great watch for outdoor enthusiasts and wilderness freaks.

Harrison Okene

In 2013, a tugboat with a crew of twelve people was sailing through the waters off the coat of Nigeria. The boat was dragging an oil tanker when suddenly, an ocean swell hit the vessel, breaking the tow rope. The boat’s cook, Harrison Okene, was in the bathroom when the boat turned over and started to sink.

Picture From the Rescue of Harrison Okene

Okene was trapped underwater for three days but somehow managed to survive. He had finally given hope when he heard the diver knocking the surface of the ship. The story of Okene still surprises people today. After all, the depths of the sea should have killed him. Unsurprisingly and for good reason, Okene has vowed never to return to the sea ever again.

Juliane Koepcke

Are you in the mood for an exciting wilderness survival story? Well then, you will be excited to learn about Juliane Koepcke. On Christmas Eve, Koepcke was aboard the LANSA Flight 508 that was struck by lightning. As fate would have it, the plane began to disintegrate midair while Koepcke found herself still strapped to her seat.

Bruised and battered with a broken collar bone, Koepcke was the only person to survive the dreaded plane that crashed on the Peruvian rain forest. She only had a few candy bars for food but with her determination, she was able to find a small stream.

Juliane Koepcke Picture

That is how she kept herself hydrated. When her arm was infected, Koepcke was forced to give herself rudimentary first aid and had to pour gasoline over her maggot infestation. After nine days, Koepcke found an encampment where lumber workers had provided her proper first aid. Juliane Koepcke story was covered in the documentary, Wings of Hope, which was directed by Werner Herzog.

The Robertson Family

For 38 days, this family was lost at sea. Dougal Robertson was a dairy farmer who was taking his family out for a trip. On January 27, 1971, Dougal along with his wife and their four children were sailing through unknown waters. For 17 months, the family enjoyed their journey and sailed from port to port with dreams of exploring the entire world. However, on June 1972, the family was attacked by a group of killer whales.

Picture of Robertson Family

The whales had damaged the boat severely, causing it to sink. The Robertsons were left with nothing but a lifeboat, six days of food and a small dinghy. The family survived on hunted turtles and rainwater as they drifted along the sea, hoping someday they would receive help.

After 16 days, the raft was no longer sturdy enough so one of the crew members fled to the dinghy. On July 23, 1972, they were discovered by Japanese fisherman who helped them.

Apollo 13

Here’s a great survival story that does not revolve around life on earth. No humans have explored as far as the crew of Apollo 13. The crew traveled a path that was 248,655 miles from our planet before coming back for a miraculous landing.

What’s more astonishing is the Apollo 13 never reached the surface of the moon that was its original destination. Instead, the three people onboard encountered a problem that could have killed all of them.

A part of the spacecraft had blown up due to faulty wiring. The crew had no choice but to use the lunar module as a lifeboat. They had to make the most out of their day and a half worth of supplies for 2 people last for 4 days among 3 people.

The Original Apollo 13 Crew

They made an Orbital correction which slingshot them back to Earth. The lunar module provided a safe shelter for astronauts. The crew aboard the damaged command module to successfully land to the ground, with all the crew members unharmed.

Bottom Line

These are just a few survival stories that have gained popularity. If you are a traveler or an outdoor enthusiast, you should read up on more stories for inspiration. Reading about other people’s experiences will also teach you the importance of survival gear.

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