13 Things To Put In Your Car Survival Kit

13 Things To Put In Your Car Survival Kit

Cars are one of the most dangerous but convenient ways to travel. Each year, car accident numbers rise as one of the leading causes of death and injury for people all over the world.

While dying in an accident is a terrible prospect, many more people find themselves stranded in remote places potentially injured without a way to contact those that could help.

Car Stuck in Snow Winter Survival

If you live in a place that has harsh winters, winter emergency car kits are a must. The difference between a winter survival kit that's pack based vs. a winter survival kit for car is that you have the option to use your car as a shelter. If you are stranded, and your car is damaged, your kit will need to have the added tools for building a shelter.

What Exactly Is A Car Survival Kit

A car survival kit is an emergency pack or box that you keep in your trunk at all times in the event of a serious problem. It can be the difference between life and death. How complicated you want to make it is up to you. However, it should not be a "what three things do you wish you could have if deserted situation."

Emergency Winter Car Kit

Your car survival kit will essentially be your lifeline when you up against the elements. People who custom build their kits have more added flexibility, but the problem is the materials chosen may not last unless thorough research is conducted.

Buying a pack and enhancing it makes far more sense because you can build upon the foundation laid out by experts.

How Do You Know What To Put/Add-In?

What you put in your pack is important whether you make it yourself or purchase it online. It should address a few points:

  • Shelter
  • Sustenance
  • ​Protection
  • Warmth
  • Communication

Each item in your limited amount of space should be essential. Having a book is alright for keeping your mind alert, but the vast majority of your kit needs to be things that can either keep you alive or get you out of your situation and any subsequent ones that may arise.


Having items such as a tarp, a blanket, rope, a small saw, and more will ensure that you can build a suitable temporary refuge in the event your car is destroyed.

You should be able to keep yourself away from any falling snow or rain so that you can focus on keeping warm and staying alert in the event of a passerby.

Car Tarp in Winter

Tarps can be wrapped around you to help keep your warmth in. When used in conjunction with a blanket, the tarp and blanket will seal in heat and keep out dampness and cold. The longer you stay dry and warm the better your chances of survival are.


You will need to be able to have food to eat and water to drink. While having water to drink is harder, having a water bottle and a filtration system in the car can help tremendously.

Dehydration is one of the largest causes of death during survival emergencies.

Sustenance and Hydration

If you are in terrain that has water sources such as streams and ponds, you need something carry the water in. If you are in a snowy environment, having a water bottle presents you the opportunity to convert snow into the drinkable water without risking giving yourself hypothermia.

Having a few days to a week's worth of dry non-perishable foods available such as raisins, beef jerky and other dried meats and more will make it easier for you to last without having to deal with lower energy.


An important car survival tool kit has a knife both for its useful purposes for hunting and building a fire as well as for protection. Animals are often around, and not all of them are friendly.

Survival Protection

In some rare cases, humans may be present that may not be friendly either. It's better to have some form of protection so that you can focus on what's important, getting to safety.


Building a fire is hard. Your list of survival gear for car add-on should include matches, flint and steel, and a lighter ideally. Your warmth will be one of the quickest ways to determine how long you will last. The more options you have for starting a fire, the better chance of you lasting longer than only a few hours.

Blanket for Survival in a car

At the same time, having the tarp and blanket, a shelter, and a fire means that you will be able to focus on sustenance. Not to mention, having a fire will attract attention and raise the likelihood of you being located by authorities or a random passerby.


Having all of the survival gear in the world isn't automatically enough to ensure you get rescued. Having a flare gun and a mirror goes a long way to make sure when the chance arises you can be located.

Flare Gun for Car

Mirrors catch the light and are easier to spot even in the darkness or from far away. A flare gun is perfect for those moments you are sure someone might spot you or for when you need immediate assistance.

The Fifteen Things You Need To Have

  • ​A change of clothes and five packs of socks
  • A flare gun & mirror
  • Medication/A First Aid Kit
  • A Compass
  • A spare cell phone fully charged
  • A flashlight with extra batteries
  • A Tarp
  • A Blanket
  • ​​Rope
  • Chords
  • ​A small saw
  • A multi-purpose knife
  • Extra food


Your car survival kit needs to address the points mentioned above. To review, shelter, sustenance, protection, warmth, and communication should be the primary functions your survival kit covers. It will be your best and most likely only chance of beating any challenges you face in an emergency, whether in the desert or harsh winter terrain.

Lastly, be sure to regular check on your kit to ensure that no damage has affected it and that it is still protected. The last thing you want is to be stuck with a faulty kit despite trying to be prepared in advance.

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