Buying The Best Survival Watches

Timex Expedition Digital Watch

When traveling outdoors, you don’t want a watch that breaks. Having one of these watches maximizes your performance and experience when camping outside.

Here, we discuss the pros and cons of each survival watch band. We compile information from qualified resources to help you get the most valuable information.

In fact, we added consumer reviews to shed light on things we’ve forgotten to speak about. This article helps you gain the confidence when buying a new watch.

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Survival Watch V3

Survival Watch V3

Outdoor Waterproof Survival Watch

Outdoor Waterproof Watch

Timex Expedition Shock Digital Compass Watch

Timex Survival Watch

SharpSurvival Survival Watch V3

Technical Specs

  • Water-Resistant
  • Survival Tool
  • Adjustable Wrist Band


The SharpSurvival Watch combines multiple ranges of survival gear all on one watch. At first glance, the watch serves as a great tool to have while outdoors. It consists of a military-grade wristband for added durability. Mainly, this survival wristwatch is ideal for those needing something when hunting.

One advantage that’s discussed by consumers is its water resistance. The watch submerges with water for a max of 15 minutes. After that, the watch shuts off before restarting. For those underwater adventures, this watch might come in handy.

Survival Watch V3

Another plus lies in the adjustability. Cheaper watches fail at this. However, the SharpSurvival Watch allows the user to adjust to their size. This adjustment is useful when you need something flexible to fit the needs of the user.

But, it’s clunky size was the primary source of concern. Consumers stated that the watch would periodically fail when adjusting it to the right size. Also, it looks awkward to some just wanting a regular hunting watch. If the watch feels too clunky, try to adjust it before sending out for a replacement.

Despite its issues, it’s still a quality survival bracelet watch. People who use this watch admire its durability and adjustability. While it’s a bit clunky, the watch does a good job at working in outdoor environments. Get this watch if you need something for the next camping trip.

Outdoor Waterproof Survival Watch

Technical Specs

  • Paracord Watch
  • Made of Military-Grade Materials
  • Used for Health Applications


Next on our list is the Outdoor Waterproof Survival Watch. The device comes with a multitude of features useful for the outdoors. For instance, the armband serves as a tourniquet. When out on dangerous excursions, this watch might be a right choice for you.

Shoppers like this watch because of its versatility. When opening the box, we’ve noticed that the sturdy watch could also heal injuries. Also, it features an alarm system, compass, blade and a whistle. Because of its features, the watch is the ultimate survival watch is a great gift for the outdoorsman.

Outdoor Waterproof Watch

The appearance is another plus. Users like the rugged, masculine look that the watch offers. But it doesn’t stop there. The watch combines form and functionality by serving as a real military-grade watch. We like the watch because of its power and design. Basically, it works in any condition you’ll face.

Consumers across the board complained about the lack of directions. This isn’t a simple watch. It has enough utility as a Swiss Army Knife. We recommend looking at the manufacturer’s website to gain more details on how to use this watch.

Overall, we believe that this is a quality survival watch with a compass. People who use this watch like the multiple features it provides. On the contrary, the watch is complicated for beginners to understand. Still, it’s a useful watch to have during survival situations out in the wild.

Timex Expedition Digital Compass Watch

Technical Specs

  • Digital Compass
  • Shock & Water Resistance
  • ​Strong Resin Case
  • Light up Dial


Last on the list is the Timex Expedition Digital Compass Watch. The watch is water resistant up to 200 ft of water. We like this watch because it’s durable and is useful in various situations. You’ll find utility out of this watch if you’re into professional marine activities.

Over 56% of consumers like the usage of the watch. For instance, it’s shock and water resistance helps it in regards to sustainability. Also, the watch’s light up dial serves useful when camping during the evening. Thus, it’s a good survival strap watch band for extended usage.

Timex Survival Watch

Also, this watch is durable. It’s designed to withstand any weather (rain, snow, hail). When using this watch, notice it’s resistance to damage. It’s shock resistant, meaning it’ll take time before the watch breaks. Overall, it’s a fun watch to have no matter how harsh the venue.

There is a bit of controversy with the device. For instance, consumers disliked the low-quality water resistance. When placed in the water, the watch lost its quality within a few minutes. While it can work underwater for 2 minutes, you don’t want to keep it out there for long.

The Timex dual survival watch is a great piece to add to one’s inventory. It serves as a quality survival watch when outdoors. To get the most out of this watch, keep it away from marine areas. It will break after extended exposure to water. Still, it’s a great gift to have if you’re a fan of the outdoors.

The Verdict

The winner is the Outdoor Waterproof Survival Watch. We selected this watch because of its utility. It comes with ten different applications to use in certain scenarios. It’s one of the best survival watches because of the complex, yet practical usage.

To proceed further, we suggest getting a watch before going outdoors. It makes the next excursion outdoors easier. People who have this watch notice an improvement in their outdoor experience. No matter what you buy, both of these watches will serve a purpose the next time you got out camping.

What’s your favorite survival watch?

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