The Ultimate List Of The Best Survival Gifts For Your Wilderness Buddy

The Ultimate List Of The Best Survival Gifts For Your Wilderness Buddy

Whether you are searching for the ideal present for your friend who loves prepping and already has it all or a budding survivalist in your family, buying presents for your loved ones is already a challenging task.

Fortunately, this article will provide you a detailed list of items that you can gift your buddy. Not only will your gift be a hit but it can also potentially save your friend’s life (isn’t that what survival gear’s all about?).

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Best Survival Gift Ideas

Here are some cool ideas you should check out:

Survival Kit

Can’t decide on a single present? Perhaps you should consider gifting your mate a survival kit. As the name indicates, these kits include a variety of tools and supplies that can come in handy in an emergency situation.

Complete survival kit

Aircrafts, lifeboats and spacecrafts are all equipped with survival kits to keep passengers safe in case of emergencies.

Depending on the size of the kit, your friend can store it in their car, backpack or even in their pocket.

While purchasing the best survival kits, consider what activities your friend participates in the most, for example, if he spends a lot of time outdoors, a wilderness survival kit is a good option.

You can also buy something more spontaneous, such as a zombie survival kit. Your pal will appreciate the gesture during a zombie apocalypse.

Survival Books

Knowledge in an indispensable tool and when you are in a sticky situation, perhaps, recalling some neat tactics you read about in a book might help you unlock a car door or start your own fire using minimal equipment.

Consider gifting your pal an awesome survival book. Remember to steer clear from books that guarantee you will become an expert overnight.

Three survival guides on the rocky terrain

Hunt around for the best authors and you will surely find something worth reading. A survival book would make a great gift for budding survivalists who are looking for ways to expand their horizons and are always eager to learn.

Search for authentic writers who actually have some experience as opposed to someone who doesn’t have enough credentials.

First Aid Kit

Nothing should matter more than the safety of your friend. Consider gifting him a first aid kit or bag. Your friend may not have access to immediate medical care when they are in the wilderness and have injured themselves.

Most packaged first aid kits can effectively be used to treat infections and minor injuries. The box will also include basic supplies, such as gauze, bandages and cleaning wipes. You can customize the first aid kit by including a high-calorie granola bar.

Consider including a booklet or guide on how to use the first aid kit. You can also gift them a coupon for basic first aid training.

Survival Backpack

A survival backpack is a great gift for survival enthusiasts for packing all kinds of essential items. Invest in a camo bag that will help your friend blend in well in the wilderness.

However, this kind of bag would not be suitable for use in the city. Consider investing in a regular survival backpack that is durable and thick enough to carry all of your friend’s important supplies.

Camouflage survival backpack

If you are short on cash, a fanny pack would also work. Consider buying bags in a variety of styles and colors.

Fire Starter

A fire starter is an indispensable tool that can come in handy in almost all kinds of emergency situations. Depending on your taste, you can invest in a variety of fire starters in the market which create a spark that helps light a flame.

However, be careful to read the instructions carefully as some fire starters can be dangerous if not used properly. Ask your friend to practice using the tool before taking it to the wilderness.

Survival Knife

One can never have enough survival knives. The wilderness is crawling with wild animals that might look for every opportunity to pounce on you and shred your bare skin into several pieces.

This is why packing a self-defense tool is so important. A survival knife also makes for a great gift because it can be used for several purposes, including cooking, cutting rope, catching fish, setting up a tent and more.

Ensure you invest in a knife that is sharp, sturdy yet lightweight. You can also invest in a multi-tool that includes other kinds of cool gadgets that might help you get out of a sticky situation.

Mosquito Netting

Travelling into the wild is a lot of fun but there’s no denying that it is loaded with creepy crawlies, such as ticks, ants and of course, mosquitoes.

Mosquito net on white background

Mosquitoes make it difficult for people to have a peaceful night’s rest not to mention mosquitoes are carriers for a variety of diseases. Mosquito netting is crucial when you are camping outdoors or need to spend the night in the wilderness.

Snack Gift Basket

Does your survival buddy enjoy munching on snacks? Get him a gift basket loaded with sweets, candies and trail mix that they can munch on the road. Most brands allow you to customize gift baskets according to the person’s taste.

You can also throw in a small card to personalize your gift. A snack gift basket can also be given as a ‘college survival gift’ for kids who will be heading out to college next year.

Space Blanket

Want your gift to be something unique? Consider gifting your pal a space blanket. You’ve probably seen marathon runners wrapping themselves in silver blankets that resemble aluminum foil.

These thermal blankets help athletes regulate body temperature which is likely to drop the moment they stop running. However, these sheets are not made using ordinary materials you would find at the grocery store.

As the name indicates, these blankets have been derived from NASA technology to help people stay warm. They are also known as emergency blankets and Mylar blankets.

Rest assured, this isn’t just the perfect gift for winter but can be used for chilly summer nights as well. Your friend will surely fall in love with this priceless gift.


If you think a flashlight or a lantern is a lousy gift then you clearly need to do more research. A handy pocket flashlight won’t seem like a bad gift when you’re out for a stroll at night and the streetlights have suddenly gone out.

Set of flashlights

Just a little artificial light can lead you back to your tent in the dark or can aid you in inspecting your car engine when your vehicle won’t start in the middle of an empty road.

You can choose between a pocket sized flashlight or a handy lantern for your friend. Consider gifting an extra set of batteries for added convenience and if you don’t want to look like a cheapskate.

Combat Boots

Do you have rugged survival friend who spends most of his weekends outdoors? A quality pair of combat boots can be a great gift for all of your pal’s outdoor adventures.

However, a quality pair can cost you anywhere between $100 and $400, depending on the brand but it is surely a gift worth buying. After all, you need to treat your feet right when you are prancing around the wilderness.

Guy wearing black combat boots

A decent pair of combat boots will ensure your friend walks comfortably around the woods without any problems.

Invest in a pair of combat boots that are sturdy enough to withstand the abuse of the outdoors. When investing in a pair of boots for your survival-enthusiast friend, double check the sewing on the seams and laces.

Don’t buy anything that looks cheap to save yourself the embarrassment of buying a lousy gift.

Other gift ideals that won’t fail you:

  • Paracord: A paracord is a handy survival gear practically nobody can get enough of. A large bundle can be a heavenly sight for all outdoor enthusiasts. Consider getting bundles in several colors to surprise your best buddy.
  • Compass: Investing in a magnetic marvel for your best buddy will help them navigate their way through the woods in case they get lost. You can get an amazing vintage compass or spring in some maps to complement your gift.
  • Emergency Survival Bag: This well-equipped bag will contain practically anything your best bud would need when he’s in a sticky situation. You can choose between a pre-packaged one or pack one for yourself. Consider packing extra supplies if your friend goes out camping with his family or has kids

Our Top Recommendations

Want to invest in the best survival gift for your pal but are still short of ideas. Rest assured, below are some of our top picks:

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

What kind of survival-enthusiast isn’t prepared for a zombie apocalypse? Consider purchasing your friend a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit .

This survival kit contains practically everything you will need to plan your escape. This is the perfect gift for zombie enthusiasts or for folks who like sci-fi movies.


Here are some notable features of this unique survival kit from Citadel Black:

  • The awesome zombie apocalypse survival kit includes 24 items.
  • The bag contains everything you will need in a reusable tin box.
  • Survival kit includes items such as zombie warning stickers, skull face mask, tactical knife, multitool and hunting permit.
  • Great for camping, hiking, and other zombie activities.
  • Contains everything a survivalist would need to carry in a bug out bag.
Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit by Citadel Black

Our Rating

Snack Gift Basket Care Package

Do you have a friend who loves snacking on munchies? Perhaps you can invest in a Snack Gift Basket Care Package for your best bud.

This gift basket contains a variety of snacks. The gift basket contains 26 individually wrapped items that will leave your friend in awe of the large options. The gift basket contains goodies, such as cookies, granola bars, rice krispies and candies.

You will find more specific details on the product description printed on the box. Want to send a more personalized gift? Rest assured, you can include your own personal message at checkout.

The gift boxes remain consistent so you don’t have to worry about quality. Each gift box is carefully packed to ensure the basket travels carefully.


Some notable features of the gift care package include:

  • All products are fresh. None of the items are expired or stale. This makes a great gift for your friend without worrying about the goodies being stale.
  • This is the perfect gift, not only for snack food lovers but also makes a great graduation gift or birthday present for teens and kids. Not to mention, this is a great gift for kids who are heading off to college at a reasonable price.
  • Makes a great prepackaged snack bucket for family vacations, movies nights or road trips. It will save you from the trouble of stopping by the convenience store. You can order baskets and have it delivered.
Snack Gift Basket Care Package with Sweet and Salty Snacks

Our Rating

Byblight 150 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

A flashlight can be the perfect gift for your buddy but this flashlight comes in a package of four, ensuring your buddy never runs out on artificial light.

The Byblight 150 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight is among the brightest flashlights out there and is an indispensable tool in the wild.


Some notable features of the flashlight include:

  • Compact design that is great for everyday and emergency use.
  • Flashlight offers 3 light modes that can come in handy in a variety of situations
  • Wrist strap included, easy to operate and one-button operation.
  • Water resistant with a premium aluminum covering that is corrosion and rust resistant.
BYB Pack of 4 Flashlights, BYBLIGHT 150 Lumen Ultra Bright LED Flashlight

Our Rating


Hopefully, this guide has provided you all the information you need regarding investing in the perfect gift. Good luck!

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