Best Survival Books For An Aspiring Survivalist

Stack of Survival Books

There is certainly no doubt that there are thousands of books written on both urban and outdoor survival. However, books that claim you can become a survivalist overnight should probably be put back in the library shelf.

You need to get some realistic, focused and to-the-point text can explores the depth of survival, the fundamentals and how to tackle any situation, regardless of its intensity.

This is where you need to read the best outdoor survival books available.

Survival is all about garnering and awakening your inner instinct, an animal like precision-based thinking pattern where you analyze your surroundings; scrounge for food not to fill your tummy, but to provide you a combination of protein and other nutrients to keep you going forward. The minute you stop and slump, game over!

Survival Books Laid Out on a Table

The best survival books can help teach you a wide variety of techniques, including cooking methods and basic shelter building. You can learn to hunt for small prey, set up snare traps and look for water and high ground. Navigation is also another important aspect of surviving that you will get to learn.

The best part about reading good survival books is that learning survival techniques does not have any prerequisites. Anybody can become a master survivalist, and in fact people should learn how to survive because disasters come without any sign or warning. These books are especially for people who love the great outdoors, both foreign and domestic.

Types Of Wilderness Survival Books You Should Read

Sure, there are many books written on survival and this can make things confusing for people who are new to the concept. This is why mentioned below are 3 types of books on survival that you should opt for in order to become a skilled and informed survivalist:

Reading Military Manuals

One of the most reliable texts you can read on surviving outdoors is via military manuals. Why? Well, that is because they are battle-proven and tested. These manuals feature scientifically proven techniques. The research is thorough and precision-based. Plus, it is also true the amount of research that is done to create a military manual is enormous.

Opened Pages of An Army Survival Manual

These manuals contain focused and actionable information and tips that you can practically implement. You can even test these tips and implement the techniques yourself when you are next out on an adventure somewhere far and deep inside the woods.

The best part about reading military manuals is the fact that they are authentic and there is no way anybody can make up the information therein. So, you can trust what you read and even do a little research of your own into the hows and whys of the techniques mentioned. You can also learn the science behind military surviving techniques and what makes them effective.

Books Written By Experienced Survivalists

It is important to understand you will have to invest a bit of time searching for authentic and experienced survivalists who have written books on how to survive in the great outdoors. For example, try reading “Making the Best of Basics”, written by James Stevens. The book is based on basic techniques that you can use to battle through emergencies.

However, it is important that you first do some research regarding the author and try to find out whether or not he is credible or if he is indeed an experience survivalist. For example, there is no doubt that Bear Grylls is an experienced survival expert and you must have seen his TV show if you are an enthusiast yourself. Read “A Survival Guide for Life” by Bear Grylls and the Mission Survival series.

So, try to find more about the author you are interested in. Well, I am not talking about adding him on Facebook, but to just gauge their reputation and their credentials. You need to know whether the knowledge and information they have provided is indeed useful, authentic and tested.

Bear Grylls A Survival Guide For Life

Try to find out whether or not the author(s) has a blog or a website you can visit to learn what he/she is all about. Ask another survival enthusiast for a recommendation and borrow a book if you can.

As a good rule of thumb, it is strongly recommended you avoid reading survivalist books that are displayed on the shelves of Barnes and Noble. They use books with flashy titles to attract the attention of innocent people who think they will be able to become the ultimate survivors.

Disasters strike without warning, which is why you have to read about this kind of thing. You ought to learn how to be a realistic and smart survivalist, and maybe one day you might be able to write a book yourself.

So, avoid reading titles similar to How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse or The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Armageddon. They key to finding a good book on survival technique is to have an open mind about the subject.

Don’t just stick to one credible author. Try to find out about more authors, read different books on how to survive in the jungle or if you’re lost in a forest. But remember, just because someone has written outdoor survival books doesn’t mean he is the real deal.

Fictitious Books On Survival

You might be thinking how counter-productive reading fiction can be. However, reading fiction and that too on survival can really broaden your perspective and rev up your imagination regarding the things that you might be able to do.

Talented fiction writers can provide beautiful, intense and highly immersive survival scenarios that you can place yourself in. This is where the writer also challenges your imagination on what you might do to get out of a perilous situation. It doesn’t matter what the author has written, the point of reading fiction is it provides you the opportunity to think outside the box.

Picking a Book from Survival Books on a Case

Bottom Line

So, there you go, these are some of the best types of books you should be reading right now if you want to become a good survivalist.

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