The Significance Of Buying The Best Survival Backpack

man wearing a survival backpack in nature

While you may think about things like survival knives, a fire-starter and a camping tent when it comes to going on an adventure, the most important thing you may overlook is a survival backpack.

Your backpack is the most precious thing you can take with you when going camping. Why? Well, that is simply because you can store so many necessary things in it, things that will help you survive your trip and enhance your outdoor experience.

man wearing a survival backpack with a sleeping bag

A survival backpack is an absolutely necessary thing to bring along, should you be burdened with a survival condition. But as a rule of thumb, keep a tactical survival backpack with you when you go on a skiing trip, out camping, biking or hiking.

As a matter fact, take it along with you whenever you set out to undertake an activity that severs you from modern civilization, like going off-grid.

If you own a boat and love going on a boat trip, tuck away a survival backpack. The backpack contains essential survival items like a flashlight with spare batteries, a whistle, a knife, and first aid supplies.

Choosing The Elite Survival Backpack – Some Important Tips

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When you talk about surviving, it is essential to understand that being prepared for dealing with the situation as best as you can should never be superficial. You must always be realistic. It is your life we are talking about.

There is no question that a disaster can surface without warning, at any time and in any place. This is where you need to do everything you can to circumvent your way around the situation Mother Nature has thrown you in. But you need to have the proper gear to expect the best outcomes.

You need to be informed and you need to have the best items to face anything. This is where the best backpack for survival comes into play. However, it is important to understand the difference between a survival backpack and a bug-out back.

While a bug-out bag can store essential items that will help you survive for a couple of days, a proper survival backpack packs thing that can help you survive for an indefinite period of time. When you are adding different things to make a survival kit for the first time, you will be flustered about trying to put anything and everything you can.

Paratus 3 Day Operator's Pack Military Style MOLLE Compatible Tactical Backpack Bug Out Bag

You will squeeze everything inside the pack. This is where it is essential that you plan in advance for an emergency situation. You might face unforeseen situation while out camping in the great outdoors or hiking. So, the first thing you ought to do is look for a quality survival backpack.

Remember, the bag you choose and purchase is going to be with you on all your adventures. You have to select carefully and pick the best one to get out of dire situations as fast as you can. When it comes down to it, every individual has different needs and priorities.

Depending on the situation, you need to list all your priorities in advance and then select the items you need. You also need to consider the total weight of the bag. For instance, if you can’t lift a heavy backpack, it is better to select one that will not put too much pressure on your back and spine, keeping your shoulders straight and relaxed.

You will require a survival backpack that is designed to evenly distribute and adjust the weight on your back, shoulders and hips. Furthermore, after you have determined different qualities for a backpack, you need to consider what type of backpack you need.

Things To Look For When Selecting A Survival Backpack

These are some important things to look when choosing the right backpack for survival:


Before you select and purchase a backpack, it is important to create a list of things you would require when faced with an emergency. After you make the list of the gear you need, think about how much room those things will take up in your backpack.

Opened 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack MOLLE Compatible for Military Gear, Laptops, Travel, Man Bag

Plus, it is also a good idea to weigh each item. For example, measure the weight of canned foods, clothing, knife, and flashlight, etc. Calculate the total weight of the items and search for a backpack that caters to that weight category.

Extra Room For Storage

This is important. You never know when you require something more. For example, an extra pair of socks, a jackets, or extra batteries for the flashlight, etc. Look for a backpack that has some extra room or pockets where you may be able to store those things.

Furthermore, it is important these extra pockets are designed to be quickly accessible. You will require easy access to different items, so keeping everything within reach is important.

Comfort Level

Your backpack should be comfortable. You need to see how it fits and whether or not it puts too much pressure on your spine when it is filled. This is a pretty dicey element and you need to pay close attention to numerous factors. Take a careful look at the straps of the backpack and ensure they don’t annoy you when you put the bag on.

Explorer Tactical Gun Concealment Backpack With Molle Webbing Hydration Ready

Remember, you will be carrying your backpack throughout your adventure. Whether it’s raining or snowing, or you are crossing a shallow river, your backpack will always be on you. This is why it needs to be comfortable. The tiniest of problems with the bag upon inspection can turn out to be the biggest problems when you are on your adventure.

The Width Of The Straps

The wider the strap is, the better. Backpacks with narrow straps will quickly become a nuisance, squeezing into your shoulders once you put stuff in. The weight of the bag will add to your problems if it has narrow straps and you will get injured, which is a big no-no.

Look for backpacks that have wide and padded straps for extra comfort and weight adjustment.

You should also consider choosing a backpack with hip support for even distribution of weight on your body. Hip straps can be vital when it comes to properly balancing the weight of the back, spreading them evenly between your thighs. Muscles in the thigh region are stronger compared to that on your shoulders.

The overall straps of the bag should be adjustable and must perfectly fit.

You should also opt for a backpack that has a sternum clip. Keep in mind that you will also be wearing clothes or layers of clothing, which can make the fitting of the bag a bit tight. The sternum clip will help balance the weight of the back, keeping the bag in a comfortable position.


The backpack should also be designed with added air flow on the back. Backpacks manufactured today are designed to enable your skin to breathe, which is helpful in hot and humid conditions. Plus, this will also avoid wetting your clothes as a result of your perspiration.

Survival Backpack with Good Airflow on Grass Field

Room For Bodily Movement

This has everything to do with how spacious the bag is. If your backpack is bigger, you will have problems moving around quicker in the event of a disaster. What you put in the bag matters a lot. The heavier the bag is, the more difficult it will be for you to run or walk fast if you are trying to evade a large animal.

Bag Types That Can Be Utilized As Waterproof Backpacks

There are several types of survival backpacks that you can select. It really boils down to the type of adventure you are going on as well as on your preference. In light of this, mentioned below are all the types of backpacks you can select from:

An Everyday Backpack

If you are pressed for time and need to get on with your outdoor adventure, you can use schoolbags or any other normal backpack and stuff supplies in. However, keep in mind these bags will never give you a tactical advantage. Depending on the weight of the items, the straps may become loose or worse, tear.

Person Wearing an Everyday Backpack

You will have to prepare separate backups for all family members because one bag will not fit everything. Plus, school bags are not comfortable at all. However, if you are going on a short trip, you may use them but it isn't recommended for surviving disaster situations.

The Duffel Bag

A duffel bag does have space to put all your stuff in but it lacks comfort and will not be easy to carry. The material of the bag is quiet heavy. Only use this type of bag if you are planning to evacuate a disaster situation using your car.

Before you make your mind to take any survival bag with you, think about it for a couple of seconds. Will you be able to carry all essential items in the bag? Will you be able to carry it with you easily through natural elements, such as rainfall or heavy winds?

Hiking Backpack

This is a way better option for a survival backpack as compared to the other two. Hiking backpacks have the space you will require to put all your stuff in and are easy to carry. You can also opt for a waterproof backpack.

These backpacks are designed with special materials that keeps the bag dry from the inside, keeping your clothes and other important things safe from getting wet and damaged.

Hiker Wearing a Hiking Backpack

A waterproof survival backpack comes highly recommended by survival specialists. In any situation, the thing you may worry about most is getting soaked in rain and having no dry clothes to wear afterwards. Hiking bags can be a good option in terms of storage and easy carry but these bags do not have compartmentalization.

This means you have to bunch everything together, and you will have to put the bag down to get take something out.

Military Backpack

This type of backpack is quite durable and designed to have several compartments to help you store essential items. Plus, these bags also have special compartments where you can store and access important items easily.

Military survival backpacks are manufactured with special materials that help keep them dry and durable, withstanding all types of whether and conditions.

However, keep in mind that due to the materials used to keep them durable, the bag may weigh a lot. You need to have a strong back and legs to be able to carry the bag over long distances. On the other hand, these backpacks have also become popular and many survival experts recommend them.

Tactical Survival Backpack

These backpacks are specially designed for surviving dark situations. They have also become popular and there are plenty of brands that manufacture these bags. These emergency bags are waterproof, made from light but durable material and can provide you extra compartments and pockets for easy access and extra storage.

CVLIFE Outdoor 50L Military Rucksacks Tactical Backpack Assault Pack Combat Backpack Trekking Bag

The Gerber survival backpack is an example. These are designed with the sole focus on helping you survive, run, walk, swim and fight without the need to remove the backpack.

14 Important Things You Need In Your Life Gear Survival Backpack

Sure, there is nothing more important than to get the right type of bag to pack all the things you need for survival, in case the world changes. However, the second most important thing is to make a list of things you actually need to survive.

These are thing that will save your life and safely enable you to run back to civilization. In light of this, mentioned below are some essential survival items you need to put in your bag, no matter what.


Many survival backpacks come with a hydration system in the form of a bottle that has special filters. These filters help clean the water, making it drinkable. The filtration system gets rid of impurities and bacteria. However, there are many backpacks that don’t come with this feature. So, ensure you get a good backpack that has this type of bottle otherwise you may have to pack one separately, which could be a drag.

Backpack with a Hydration System

Your Sleeping Bag And The Tent

If you are like Bear Grylls, you won’t need to pack a separate tent and sleeping bag as you will have the skills to fashion your own shelter out of debris and whatnot. However, it is still strongly recommended that you do pack a tent and sleeping bag because they can help you save time, not to mention you will be able to sleep and rest comfortably.

All-Purpose Survival Knife

This one should probably go without saying. A survival knife is ‘the’ survival tool you need to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Cutting tree branches
  • Prying wood
  • ​Cutting rope
  • ​Digging
  • ​Creating snare traps
  • ​Hunting for small animals
  • The survival knife is the most important item in your survival gear. So, ensure you get a quality knife.


This is another necessary item you should pack. Cords can help with numerous things, such as:

  • Making shelter under duress
  • Fashioning splints in case of a broken leg or arm
  • Pole tying
  • You can use it for fishing or creating snare traps
  • Climbing

Plastic Sheet

So, why would anyone require a plastic sheet or a tarp to survive? The answer is simple, because it can help you:

  • Collect water when it starts to rain
  • Wrap the tarp around your body and keep dry when it rains
  • Make a shelter
  • Create a hammock
  • Conceal precious survival items and equipment

Fire Starter

There is nothing more important than storing a couple of boxes of matches and a pair of fire starters. Without fire, you won’t be able to survive the cold night or be able to dry if you get caught in rain. You don’t have to be an expert to create a fire using a fire starter. All you have to do is gather a bit of dry grass or shrubs and spark a fire. Once a small fire is lit, place wood and other things to make the fire bigger.

Starting a Fire with a Magnesium Fire Starter

A Map Of The Area And A Compass

Pack a proper, topographic map of where you are going to camp. It is essential in case you get lost. Keep maps of nearby areas as well so you can efficiently navigate and come back to civilization. If you know how to read a compass, pack one. If you don’t know how to read it, you better start learning.

Medical Supplies And First Aid

If you are on medication for a health complication, for example, asthma, keep an extra inhaler in your backpack in case you lose one. Similarly if you use medications, it is advisable to pack them in a sufficient quantity so that you don’t run out at the wrong time.

Plus, you must also create a first-aid kit, which should include bandages, sutures, diarrheal, antiseptic, safety pins, epinephrine, syringes, and painkillers, etc. Furthermore, do not forget to pack latex gloves.

Pack A Multi Tool

Multi tools are multi-purpose tools that combine numerous, durable and versatile functions, such as a cutting knife, screwdrivers, and cutters, in one package. It can help you perform a wide range of survival activities.

A Bandana

No, this isn't for show. Bandanas are useful. It can help protect your head from the unforgiving rays of the sun, keeping it cool especially if you drench it in water and then wear it. Plus, you can also make a sling from your bandana and hunt for small prey. You can also use it to create a snare trap.

Man Wearing a Survival Bandana


Don’t just keep one, but a pair of flashlights and extra batteries in your survival backpack. There is nothing more useful than a flashlight, especially if you are out looking for food or setting up shelter and it gets dark. Plus, using a flashlight, you can more safely move during the night, avoiding gaping holes on the ground and slips and crack that can end up injuring or worse, killing you.

Extra Clothing

Pack an extra pair of both light and warm clothes in your emergency survival backpack. You may get caught in rain and may get drenched. You will need a couple of pair of socks because walking in wet socks can cause foot injuries and rashes. Pack clothes that are designed to dry quickly. They should be designed for camping and hiking.

Cooking Tools

Sure, you can scavenge for dead animals and rip the meat off their bones and eat it raw, but there is the risk of food poisoning or diarrhea. Both of these conditions can be fatal if not treated on time. So, the best thing to do here is to pack the necessary cooking equipment. For example, pack a small saucepan, foldable spoons and forks. This way, you can at least try to cook everything you catch or scrounge for.

Pack A Survival Shovel

The best survival backpack kit should include a shovel. You can use it for multiple purposes. For example, how are you going to create a shelter? You will need a shovel to dig up trenches. Plus, you can also use it to make a fire pit.

Black Survival Shovel

Bottom Line

All in all, nobody can overemphasize the importance of the best survival backpack. Imagine storing all of the aforementioned items in a regular backpack. You won’t even survive a day handling a normal bag.

The best tactical survival backpack is the only thing that can help you in times of emergencies, not just the ones that may occur when you are out camping or hiking but during natural calamities as well.

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