3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack

As explorers and adventure freaks are busy scavenging through the wilds, the world of tactical equipment is expanding by the day. For people who work in search and rescue, a tactical backpack is an essential piece of equipment that can help you carry your useful gear and tools.

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Water Can

In the same way, these backpacks are also useful for folks who enjoy spending time outdoors and like to carry a variety of equipment wherever they go.

Sure, you can always pick a regular backpack from a nearby store but it won’t have the specs and features you will be looking for when going on your outdoor adventures. In simpler words, regular backpacks do not act as replacements for tactical packs and will not offer you the room and space you need to organize your gear and equipment.

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Tactical backpacks have various characteristics and abilities that make it easy to organize gear and equipment. A quality backpack, such as the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack, allows users to stay at ease while they are outdoors.

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Features

Whether you want to carry military gear or simply need a backpack to stay organized while camping, the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack is a great investment. The durable pack is rigid and durable enough to withstand tough outdoor environments.

Here are some notable features of the Velox II Large Tactical Backpack that make it a brilliant purchase:

  • Available in Four Designs: The Velox II Large Tactical Backpack is available in four designs including Foliage Grey, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab and Black. All designs are available at a similar price.
  • Ample Storage Space: The backpack features 1628 cubic inches of storage space that is sufficient for carrying tons of gear while you are headed outdoors or on a mission.
  • Good Quality Zippers: The backpack features self-healing large zippers that offer great performance. Thanks to the zippers, you have easy access to large and small compartments and sub compartments. Additionally, the zippers are rust resistant and are known to be highly durable.
  • M.O.L.L.E Compatible Pouches: The bag is MOLLE compatible for attachments and pouches so you get the real military feel. These pouches are great for carrying lightweight accessories and arms
  • 600 D PVC Backed Nylon: The backpack is constructed using 600 D PVC backed nylon that gives the backpack good stability and rigidity. The bag is weather resistant and also super rugged
  • Hydration Bladder System: Hydration bladder systems are a relatively new invention and are great for staying hydrated throughout your journey.
  • Multiple Straps: The backpack features multiple straps: easily adjustable shoulder, hip and sternum straps.
  • Roomy Zippered Compartment: The backpack features multiple external zippered compartments that are sufficient to hold all your belongings.

What Customers Say

The 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack received an overall 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon. Most customers were pleased with their purchase and left a positive review. According to a customer, the bag is great for hiking.

You can also use it as a gym bag or a regular college bag (if you carry dozens of books around). Either way, the versatile backpack offers plenty of space and is surprisingly comfortable, unlike other military backpacks that are too huge to carry around.

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Laptop Inside

The number of compartments and good quality zippers makes it easy for professionals to store their equipment in an orderly fashion. Additionally, the bag is simple to use, though it may look complicated to the user at first sight. The pockets expand and compress, depending what you put inside.

This is a useful feature and ensures all your belongings are packed safety.

The bag is comfortable to use and is fairly inexpensive compared to other models in the market. There is no point in investing in a heavy or uncomfortable backpack. Not only will it hinder movement but it may also lead to dangerous injuries down the line (from carrying excess weight on your back).

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Back View

However, on the downside, the backpack is not waterproof, hence it might not be the best option for wet weather camping, as you cannot tolerate carrying a damp bag on your shoulders. However, this will not be much of a problem if you carry a rain cover. It is also a good idea to check the weather forecast before you head outside.

Buying Guide

You can purchase the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack for about $60 on Amazon with free shipping on Amazon Prime. Since all the designs are available at the same price, you can choose one according to your personal preference without spending extra. Choose from Foliage Grey, Coyote Tan, Olive Drab and Black.

However, the black backpack is not available for purchase from Amazon so you can buy it elsewhere.

Compared to other military and tactical bags, the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack is certainly an affordable option. Be on the lookout for promotional offers and sales if you wish to save extra money. Aside from campers and hikers, the backpack is great for all kinds of purposes. You can use it as a book bag or to carry your gym equipment.

3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack Front View

Our Rating



Due to its versatility, the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack is a great backpack for its price tag. Most customers on Amazon left positive reviews and few were unhappy or dissatisfied with the product. The brand took the liberty to send out a replacement backpack to a customer who was not satisfied with the product.

The customer was also offered a refund and an apology when they were still dissatisfied with the product.

This clearly highlights how particular the company is about providing its customers’ quality goods. In other words, you will not be disappointed by investing in the 3V Gear Velox II Large Tactical Backpack.

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