100 Deadly Skills Review

100 Deadly Skills

Imagine you are stuck in a frightening situation: you have been locked in the trunk of your car or have been captured by shooters or being kidnapped. In such moments, it does not matter what kind of arms you have locked up in your vehicle.

All that matters is how well you are able to defend yourself in dangerous situations and the skills you have for taking on an intruder. Not to mention, not many of us have enough time to learn survival skills or receive training from a professional.

Fortunately, times have changed and now there are several ways you can learn important survival skills, either by purchasing books or by watching tutorials. However, it is essential you invest in a practical survival practice guide written by a professional.

100 Deadly Skills is a hands-on survival guide. The author of the book, Clint Emerson, is a retired Navy SEAL. The 272-page book is written in a way to help the average person handle dangerous situations, such as evading capture and eluding pursuers.

The book recognizes that in today’s dangerous world, it is important for a person to be equipped with important survival skills.

With mass shootings around the globe, everyday crime and theft, there is the risk of danger practically anywhere and everywhere. Nobody is safe!

Dangerous scenarios can arise and can have you questioning your life choices in a blink of an eye which is why former Navy SEAL Clint Emerson wishes that everyone should be prepared to deal with any situation that arises.

The book includes proven evasion tactics, self-defense skills, immobilizing techniques and possibly every other technique you would need to get yourself out of a sticky situation.

These tactics will help you avoid worst-case and life threatening scenarios. You will learn how to escape from a locked truck, make an improvised Taser, defend yourself and learn how to trick facial recognition software among other tricks.

The book contains easy to understand illustrations and instructions that even a novice won’t have problem comprehending.

In his book, Emerson discusses and highlights several life-saving strategies that will train you to not only act but think like a professional member of the Special Forces.

The book features specific instructions and techniques that you have to follow in certain situations. For instance, you will learn how to evade a kidnapping attempt and also stay safe online.

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Moreover, you will also discover how simple it is to disarm and immobilize a person. The easy to read and understand guide is an invaluable resource that will save you precious time from reading complicated instructions elsewhere.


  • Available in Paperback on Amazon
  • Includes a detailed and illustrative guide about different survival techniques
  • ​272 pages
  • Part of the 100 Deadly Skills Book Series

About the Author

The author is a retired Navy Seal, Clint Emerson that has 20 years of experience in conducting special ops around the globe when he was still active as a SEAL. By utilizing a variety of practical skills, Emerson learned to stay safe in the face of danger while at home or abroad.

The author is also a creator of Violent Nomad, a non-kinetic, personal kill/capture program that catalogues skills required to defend oneself against a life-threatening crisis or predator.

What Customers Say

100 Deadly Skills has received an average of 4.2 stars out of 5 at the time of this review on Amazon. The book also received an average of 3.74 stars out of 5 by readers on GoodReads. Most customers on Amazon were happy with their purchase and genuinely enjoyed reading the book.

A customer wrote how the book is perfect for civilians and will help them get out of every-day life troublesome situations. The book also contains tips and skills on how to avoid pesky situations, such as home invasions, car thefts, burglaries and carjacking.

As an added suggestion, the customer talked about the importance of keeping your valet key in a safe spot OTHER THAN your car. Apart from how to avoid every-day life nuisances, Emerson also offers some cool advice and tips for travelers.

He mentions tips on hotel safety (for example, it is always a good idea to as for a room that is midway between the stairways and elevators for a clean exist) He also mentions why you should never opt for a room in the ground floor (you’ll have to read the book to find out!)

100 Deadly Skills Clint Emerson

What’s most important is that every skill is broken down into details so that readers have an easier time understanding the critical details. Apart from skills, Emerson offers a few tips that will teach you the importance of remaining calm and using your common sense.

According to Emerson, your best bet for evading danger is to run as fast as you can (run in a zigzag manner since a shooter will have a harder time hitting a moving target). His second recommendation is to find a quick place to hide. Fighting always is your last resort. Overall, the book is great and offers tons of useful advice.

Buying Advice

The book is available in paperback on Amazon for about $15. Be on the lookout for promotional offers and discounts or avail a bundle offer to get the best value. If you want to save money, you can buy the book from any old bookstore or even get an eBook for your Kindle device.

Our Rating



100 Deadly Skills is a great survival book to read. Not to mention it is entertaining too. If you end up liking the book, you can check out other books from the series. Good luck!

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